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Jewish Book Week

Podcasts from the annual festival of arts and ideas held in London, UK.

Apr 2, 2015

Gemma Levine presents her photographic memoir: Just One More…. With talent and verve, Gemma has photographed many of the prime movers of the 20th century, from actors to artists, prime ministers to royalty. She developed a personal relationship with many of her sitters and, as she will be divulging to Miriam Stoppard, Gemma’s vignettes are as revealing as her images.

Gemma Levine is best known for her striking black and white photographs and her subjects who range from cultural icons to royalty. She has published 20 books of photographs and presented over 60 exhibitions worldwide.

Miriam Stoppard is a doctor, author, television presenter and advice columnist. She has presented scientific and medical programmes including Don’t Ask Me and has written several books on health issues.