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Jewish Book Week

Podcasts from the annual festival of arts and ideas held in London, UK.

Dec 1, 2015

Nicholas Winton, regarded as Britain’s Schindler, was a young stockbroker in 1938 when he masterminded an operation to rescue 669 children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. His daughter Barbara Winton shares with Philippe Sands the motivations that led her father to undertake such a dangerous quest and the difference that even one person can make to combat the forces of evil.

Barbara Winton was born in 1953 and is the daughter of Nicholas and Grete Winton. She works in Complementary Therapy. She has inherited two main traits from her father: a love of gardening and a zest for intense discussions about world affairs.

Philippe Sands is a barrister in the Matrix Chambers and is also Professor of International Law at UCL. His books include Lawless World and Torture Team. His new book is out soon.